Female Agassizi Rio Xingu showing male she is receptive to him, trying to lure him into her cave.

This is a female Apistogramma baenschi guarding a batch of fry. The female will watch the fry directly, while the male will guard the larger territory

This is the male mate of the baenshi female above, he is trying to keep me out of the females area

While he stays out in front guarding the larger territory, even from the big bad camera

This is Apistogramma alpahuayo, the female is in the cave guarding eggs in the back, she comes out to see whats going on-----

Here with these Apistogramma borelli you can see both male and female working together to warn the threat off  this is proof that the pair bond is solid

And then you get this--two female agassizi double reds making the moves but not getting anywhere

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