These fish are really beautifull, This is the blue form and they come out of the Rio Nanay near Iquitoes, Peru. These are the blue cacatuoides with the nice yellow heads/


The price is for one trio (male and 2 female) unless stated otherwise. When the weather is cold the decision to ship is mine. I   ship priority (20.00) When you checkout , put the shipping address on the payment page that you want them to be shipped to--I will not change the address after you have paid. If a fish arrives dead, take a photo, send to my E-mail address, and that fish ( or fishes) will be re-shipped. I will re-ship once at my expense. I do not do cash or card refunds for DOA’s. All funds owed will be issued as store credit towards your next order.


ALL OF MY AUCTIONS CAN BE COMBINED TO SAVE ON SHIPPING--I just get a bigger box!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Apistogramma cacatuoides Pr WILD Rio Nanay

  • one male  and 6 females left

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